Could the module be built ton top of the entity API ? Is it something someone will be interested into ?
I would not mind to work on this to make it happen.

Any thoughts ?


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Have you looked at the code? What exactly are you suggesting Privatemsg should do that it doesn't already do?

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It's not really about what the code does but instead how it does it. Entity API is (or supposed to be) the standard way entity-like data is handled in drupal. (That's why it's in D8 core.) It would solve or ease the solution of common problems such as proper views integration #1573000: Preliminary Views integration.

+1 for this. This would be a major rewrite though, maybe in a new, 3.x branch.

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Indeed that would be a major release but a very good starting point for a future D8 version of this module.

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Title: Entity API » Re-write module to use Entity API
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this would be so awesome, if it will be some day done, because current privatemsg is so old, non ajax, without views support, no read notifications, hard to use for today.

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Issue summary: View changes

I think this might possibly be being addressed with #1184984: Full public CRUD API.

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After dealing with it over the last few days, I will say that this is NOT a duplicate of #1184984: Full public CRUD API. We have that patch included in our site, and I could not make use of the save() function as an entity, so some more work will need to be done, so that the various CRUD functions can be used as Entity API functions.

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I can confirm this as well. After applying the patch, Feeds Entity Processor still does not work. Any luck on making this 100% compatible with the Entity API?