I am pretty good at all the "making stuff happen" side of Drupal, but I don't have a visual bone in my body, and my current project needs to look good as well as be good :-)*

I need someone who can theme, including providing graphics and icons, to best work with my new site. I favour an approach based on making the minimal possible changes to an existing theme. I am using AT Commerce as my default, but I'm not tied to it.

Mobile friendly is a must.

I'm UK based and will require any partner to be fluent in English.

Budget - I'm self employed and spending personal money, so if you normally pitch for corporate budgets I might not be what you are looking for :-)

If you think you might be able to help, drop me a line.


*I normally sidestep all these issues by not bothering with logos and building my design out of content using Views and Panels...but that won't work this time...