Hy Guys!

I have a problem with the "Forums hierachy".
If I create a new forum, i can see the subforum twice.
One entry is on the correct position and the second
entry is on the main-forum page.
(pic: Advanced1 & Advanced2)

If I deactivate the advanced forum, I see the forum hierachy correctly.
(pic: forum)

What's my mistake? What must I do, that the forum hierachy shows correctly?

Best regards
Stan Marlow

PS: I use Drupal Version 7.23

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Hi, Stan!
I run into the same problem, but I don't use the advanced forum.
Source code analisys forum.module showed that function forum_forum_load($tid = NULL) displays a tree of foums entirely:
801 $_forums = taxonomy_get_tree($vid, $tid);
I think you have to change the code:
801 $_forums = taxonomy_get_tree($vid, $tid, 1);