When trying to build the distribution by using Drush 7.x make I get the following error in the logs:

drupal patched with drupal-1470656-14.patch.                                [ok]
drupal patched with drupal-865536-204.patch.                                [ok]
drupal patched with allow_change_system-requirements-1772316-4.patch.       [ok]
drupal patched with 1275902-15-entity_uri_callback-D7.patch.                [ok]
Generated PATCHES.txt file for drupal                                       [ok]
No entry for terminal type "unknown";
using dumb terminal settings.
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() make.drush.inc:218             [warning]
colorbox downloaded from                                                    [ok]
jquery.bxslider downloaded from                                             [ok]
jquery_ui_spinner downloaded from                                           [ok]

I had to upgrade Drush on simplytest.me to work correctly with Drupal 8, now commerce kickstart fails to build while other distributions still work.


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I've gotten this too but on my own custom make files. For me, if I keep rerun the drush make command it eventually works. It sometimes takes 2-5 tries. I am also using Drush 7. I'm pretty sure this is a bug with Drush 7 and not Commerce Kickstart.

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Priority: Normal » Critical

+1 to that. I upgraded to drush 7 and started getting this error intermittently with my custom make file. It fails 4 out of 5 times. Very annoying as drush make is now unusable for me. This is a critical issue as it incapacitates the tool.

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Priority: Critical » Normal

Drush 6 is the recommended version, so keep using that instead when building D7 sites.

I think this isn't an issue with commerce kickstart itself. Should we move this issue to drush project?

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Yea this isn't an issue with Kickstart it's with Drush. And Drush no longer uses d.o. They're on Github and there is an open issue tracking this:


@iMiksu: This error can also occur in Drush 6. It seems the only way to fix it is to go back to Drush 5 or just keep rerunning the command in Drush 6 or 7 until it works.

This issue should be closed.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)


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@iMkisu @ryan.armstrong

Do you know if there a fix to the Drush issue?

GitHub has not found a resolution to the drush include file either.