How are Views linked to a Saved View type? This is similar to what EVA provides. Two options would be......

1) Adding the Save header to a View automatically creates a new Saved Views Type

2) You can create new Saved Views Types on the Saved Views Types tab. When you are configuring the header you choose which Saved View Type this view will be attached to.

#2 is probably the better option since it allows you to reuse a configuration


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God, I'm sorry, I totally forgot to code that part! There's still just some debugging code, offering a single bundle. If you have a view with name "test" it will work, but otherwise it won't. I'll add that right away.

I'd have thought the plan was to use 1), though, so good you're posting this. I see that 2), while being a little more work to implement, is certainly the superior solution, allowing not only re-using configuration but also more flexibility, as you can change the bundle depending on the display of a view, for example.
So I'll use that.

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I think I'll also add a default type, so people can get started right away, without having to add a type first.

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OK, the solution is committed now. If you want to use the default type, you'll need to re-install the module, though.

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