I've created a new content type called Portfolio, which has the following fields:

I want to create a page with all the first pictures of all my projects. After that, clicking on the right image all the fields related to that project have to be shown.

I've created a new view, called portfolio, and using the template file node--portfolio.tpl.php with the following code:

$vid = $node->vid;
$pathtoimage = '/drupal/sites/default/files/' . $node->field_images['und'][0]['filename'];
print '<a href="/drupal/node/' . $vid . '"><img style="width:250px" src="' . $pathtoimage . '" /></a>';

I've been able to show the first pictures of all my projects.

Is there a way to understand if the node--portfolio.tpl.php file is called by the view page or if a single node has to be shown in order to perform different actions ? In my case for the single node I have to show a slideshow with all the project pictures and the relative description.