Hello Team,
I have created a rule that is discount for sell price; (Rules event: "Calculating the sell price of a product")
Unit base price is 100 EUR. I discounted 10% and I can see the 90EUR on product page and on Shopping Cart page. When I go to Checkout page the price will back to original base price (100 EUR).

And I also created another Rule, that's event is "After saving a new commerce line item" and action is Commerce Line Item -> Multiply the unit price by some amount but there were not changed anything. Actually I just succeed to change unit price of product but total amount had calculated based for base price.

I checked the view of "commerce_cart_form" and "commerce_cart_summary" and unit price fields was formatted amount I changed with other options, I selected "show calculated price" but nothing changed.

Everything is OK on product displays pages and on commerce_cart_form view. After "commerce_cart_summary" view shows base and uncalculated price.

Please advice.

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Here is the screenshots about this issue. And I found the problem, I added some of conditions for Rules, one of the rule was "If site name is "Drupal"" and after I removed that conditions the checkout page showed calculated price. But I need that condition, because I calculate site based. I will try another conditions and let you know.

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The final result for other users;
The Rules module does not get the "site name" on checkout page so the rule does not work properly. I changed that condition as text comparison and value selected "site email". Everything is OK at this moment.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.