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Baidu Analytics can take around 24 to 48 hours to display its first lot of statistics about your site has been configured to be tracked, so do not be alarmed that you don't see anything for a while.

Theme compatibility (7.x)

If you're not seeing the JavaScript code appearing in the top/bottom of your sites HTML please ensure your theme includes the standard PHP code:

<?php print $page_bottom; ?>

at the bottom of your html.tpl.php. If your theme does not have this file a core html.tpl.php is used, which should have this variable.

Validation Errors

If Baidu Analytics reports "Tracking not installed", and you have already followed the advice above and cleared your cache, try setting the Javascript scope to "Default" in the Advanced Settings section of the Baidu Analytics module's admin settings page. Do not do this unless you are having problems, as the documented location for the Asynchronous JavaScript code is "Header", not "Footer" and for Standard (Legacy) JavaScript code it would be "Footer", not "Header". This is an issue with the Baidu Analytics' validator.

If stats are not showing after a module upgrade

If the tracking code is not working properly after a version upgrade, you may need to clear all caches again, just as a precaution.

Ubercart Compatibility

Not yet supported: Contributions are welcome in module's issue tracker.

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