Last updated April 2, 2015.

Phase Deadline Drupal core milestones Core developers Module & theme developers Site builders
Development phase 2011-03-10
8.x opened
Major development

Anything goes! All features, API changes, and additions are on the table.




Feature freeze
Feature completion Complete approved in-progress features.
API completion phase 2013-02-18
Feature completion

Alpha releases




Focus on cleaning up APIs.



Provide early API feedback. Expect unstable APIs as issues get fixed.
API freeze
Narrow focus to important API cleanups and bug fixes.

Beta releases


Release phase Date TBD
0 critical issues
Release candidates Focus on critical API changes and release blockers only. Upgrade contributed modules and themes; APIs should be stable. Start testing Drupal 8, including the upgrade path.

The issue Proposal to manage the Drupal 8 release cycle has more information about the plan for after Drupal 8 is released.