Features that Extend CRM Core

Last updated on
30 October 2017

CRM Core is designed to act as a platform where developers can extend the basic capabilities of the system using features.

A feature is a small, useful application designed to extend what CRM Core does. A feature may be a Feature in the Drupal module sense of the word, but it does not have to be. Any module that extends the basic functionality of CRM Core can be considered a feature.

There is a growing list of features for CRM Core becoming available. These features are freely available for use in your Drupal websites. Some features come bundled as part of installation profiles that you can use to easily get up-and-running with a fully-configured version of CRM Core. Installation profiles are generally configured for a specific purpose, but can easily be modified to handle other use cases.

Utility Modules

  • CRM Core Profile: A form builder for CRM Core. Allows site builders to easily create forms that collect information about contacts and activities.
  • CRM Core Profile Commerce Items: A plug-in for CRM Core Profile. Allows site builders to easily create forms that also include e-commerce features for processing payments.
  • ApacheSolr CRM Core: integrates CRM Core with Apache Solr via the ApacheSolr search module. Use this if you are not already working with the Search API.


  • CRM Core Donation: CRM Core Donation extends CRM Core to act as a donation management system. It provides tools for creating online donation forms, but it also handles offline donations and donor management. CRM Core Donation comes with a variety of reports for tracking donor activity.
  • CRM Core Demo Standard Fields: Provides a set of fields for contacts in CRM Core that can be used for testing and evaluating the impact of various field settings. This is useful for people building their own features, who want to ensure their code works well against a range of websites.

Installation Profiles

  • CRM Core Donation Demo: CRM Core Donation Demo is an install profile that provides a fully-configured version of CRM Core, pre-configured for donation management. It includes sample content demonstrating how to build online and offline donation forms, and it also includes sample data that demonstrates how the reports work.