I am trying to develop a system using drupal (our intranet is being created in drupal). I am working on a portion of the system that would control the inventory. The run down of the system. We have roughly 220 parts that are moving in and out on a regular basis. Certain groups "own" certain parts. Each time a part moves a shipment # is attached to that part and one or amount entered should be deducted from the inventory. Also there are specific owners of each part and they should be able to view only their portion of the inventory system (view only not to make changes just to view). Those who make changes are going to listed as a different type of user.

So in the breakdown...

1. Inventory system that allows ship out / receive in.
2. Attach control/shipment # to each move.
3. Allow different groups to view certain products and not edit just view while still keeping the information private over the net.
4. Give individual information on each part. (i.e. product name, wieght, dimension, photo)
5. Easy export or printing of all current parts for that user.
6. Barcode integration would be a plus but we will see.

Has anyone seen anything or done anything like this. I really want to try and make drupal the only intranet system we use and want to use it for the inventory as opposed to one more third party system.



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I am trying this out, not sure if you could manipulate it to work for what you want or not, but might be worth looking at. http://drupal.org/project/ubercart. So far it looks like it MIGHT work for me, not sure yet, just got it installed.

They even have a nice easy uberinstaller, which I liked, http://install.ubercart.org/ puts everything in that you need. (READ THE WARNING!!)


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I wondered something similar also but I haven't progressed on it.
For me, location tracking was more important than privacy visibility, but I've yet to actually start building the system...

How to troubleshoot Drupal | http://www.coders.co.nz/

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I'd use http://drupal.org/project/content_access for the access control (once installed edit a content type and hit the Access tab to set access control up for that type - remember to set up roles (what you refer to as groups here) in User Management -> Roles and actually assign some users to those roles).

Heavy Views and CCK use with a glue module (you'll have to write a bit of code) will do all the rest.

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Thank you for your response. I looked at ubercart and it seems way to complicated for what I am looking to accomplish. I have been looking into using CCK and views and us taxononmy to possibly help with sorting and controlling. I started working stuff together. I will look into the content access module. I am trying to make it a simple flowing system. Basically a solid in/out system. I am in no need for bar coding at this time but I would like to be in position for it at a later date.

Still looking for someone who has the know how or any possible input from experience or new ideas or approaches.


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I'm currently in the same boat looking for an inventory control system for my company's hardware spares. I'm currently playing with Ubercart which fills in the gaps but I can do with out the sales structure.