This is a great module that I need to redirect users to the right page after they log in. However, I am also using the Modal module and unfortunately when loging in with this popup users are not getting redirected. Would it be hard to add some sort of integration for this?


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I'm having the same problem too. Did you manage to fix that?


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No unfortunately I was not able to get this resolved yet.

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Same, subscribing.

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Same, subscribing.

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+1 When I use as a destination after logging in, only part of the argument gets retrieved, ie. only the "s" of "shop"

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using the dev version of modal forms solved my problem

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#7 worked for me!!!

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yes its #7 Worked but its not safe to use dev Version On Production site

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I am using bootstrap modal login and don't work too..

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Try to use modal_forms dev version, it resolves this problem.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

@Atomico please create a new issue for bootstrap modal login, this issue is related to modal_forms, now modal_forms dev version solves this issue so i am closing this case.