I want to be be able to share my content to other websites. I want to share a list of events.
I know about RSS (not suitable for event content) and also about using iframes but have heard that iframes are being superceeded by APIs.

I don't know anything about APIs but a search of Drupal.org shows that there is a Content API available for Drupal 7. I was going to try it but saw that it requires a services module. I can't find a services module for Drupal 7.

I'm getting ahead of myself a bit as my real question is should I be using iframes or APIs? Advantages / Disadvantages?




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If you have a reason to avoid RSS (I don't see why it would be inappropriate for publishing event information) and you are aware of why iframes are clunky, then you either use existing share APIs or do a lot of work (with web services). But it really comes down to what you really want to build.

You could look into https://drupal.org/project/oembed as a reasonably well-supported API.

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The Services module provides an API from your website that can be accessed by other websites/apps/internet-enabled-device. It is fairly tricky to learn, but provides a very comprehensive, very flexible framework for sharing your content to other sites, with whatever level of security you are looking to have.

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