i am new at Drupal and i am using drupal commerce Kickstart 2 for making my online store. I have figured out most of the stuff from commerce guys tutorials. The problem i am facing currently is that i want to show my newly added products on my Home page beneath the slide show. I want it to be one row. I have tried making a content type to and used term reference but it doesn't work it only displays the reference link and doesn't display products. If any one could provide me with the steps to do it i will really appreciate it or give me a link to any tutorial which can help me.

Example of how i want it to look like "i want to show 5 new products added to "To CARRY" menu regardless of category in the menu just need the new products from it."

I hope you guys get what i want to say.


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Project: Drupal Commerce » Commerce Kickstart
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I'm not sure how familiar you are with views, but you should create a view for the home page to display the products that you want.
Check this page out for information about how to do that:

But instead of creating a page, create a block and place that on the front page. Use a Grid display or CSS to keep them in one row. You can add a Sort Criteria for the Creation Date to show the newest products. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about the Carry On, but you could set a filter in the view to display only content types of "Bags & Cases" or something like that.

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