I just installed the new version of commerce kickstart and noticed after updating the logo to a different logo the slideshow started to glitch when I load from a clean browser history in safari, i have not tried mozilla yet but will test this on other browsers and let you know. The slideshow shows all 3 slides one right under each other down the start page. The view takes a minute to correct but will correct it's self eventually. It seems if you do nothing it does on for longer. If your clicking or moving a lot it seems to speed it up a bit but not a lot.

Not sure if that helps a lot but hopefully it helps some. Thanks. I will let you know if I find any workaround.

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Curious if anyone has found any workarounds for this. It seem to happen to anyone not signed in. Not sure if there is a workaround yet. Let me know. Thanks.

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I decided to take a few screenshots to show exactly what is happening. Hopefully this will help. The first shot shows how the slides overlay the page, the 2nd shot shows how it is all 3 slides in a row, and then the last picture shows how it goes over the bottom menu also. Maybe this can help someone debug it. You can see it is the view from someone not logged in. This is what users will see when they come to the page. The only thing changed in the entire install is the picture on the front page lower left which you can see in the screenshot. Other than that this is a stock commerce kickstart install.

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This happens a lot.

From what I can tell it is driven by a feature, rather than something more generic like Views Slideshow

I couldn't figure out what was causing it and changed over to using Flexslider

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Thanks. I am still curious what is causing the bug. Any ideas what you think it might be ? I would love a lead to try to track it down.

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No idea I'm afraid

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The commerce_kickstart_slideshow module is what is making this. The issue could be due to the drupal_add_library - when checking the documentation on that it says "Only items with the every_page flag set to TRUE can participate in aggregation." and I don't think that is set to TRUE since it should only be on the home page.

There is also a commerce_kicsktart_slideshow.js file which is making the actual slideshow, but I think your problem describes the load time, and if that's not cached, it would certainly take longer to load than everything else.

This is kind of a guess, though, because I'm not having this issue :P

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Thanks. I will check into that. You may be right maybe it is just a slow loading item. I will cache the page and see if that helps. If not I will check the others. Thanks that helps a lot. :)

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I am having the same issue, and am experiencing the following behavior after testing on two different computers, both the the same (latest) versions of chrome and firefox:

  • Chrome: Works correctly for logged in users. Works for logged out users on one computer, but not on another
  • Firefox: Does not work for logged out users on either computer. For logged in users it displays correctly, but the slides don't change automatically. They do change when you click on the slide navigation.

The original poster says his problem clears up by itself simply by waiting a minute or so, but for me this does not happen.

The link to the site is http://tienda.yaq.es

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Title: Main Slideshow triple display and slow load. » Main Slideshow displays as stacked images for logged-out users
Component: Miscellaneous » User interface
Issue summary: View changes
Priority: Normal » Major
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Found the source of my problem. We are using Aegir and have the cache_backport and redis module activated. I performed the following procedure, and observed the following behavior on Firefox when I am logged out:

  1. As anonymous user (logged-out), load the homepage: I see stacked images instead of slideshow
  2. Reload the homepage appending ?noredis=1 to the url in order to deactivate redis for this pageload: slideshow starts working
  3. Reload the homepage without ?noredis=1: Slideshow continues working

After performing the above procedure on one computer, the slideshow is apparently fixed on all computers.

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I am surprised this is fixed by making changes to your local stack. I find this problem on my local machine running MAMP and also on shared hosting; without any fancy configuration in either case. I think this exists issue exists within the Kickstart distribution.

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I am glad to see that it was confirmed by other people I thought it was a legitimate issue.

Have you figured out how to reproduce the issue on demand yet ?

I don't know if Ryan and the Commerce guys patched it themselves yet or not. Let me know if this is still happening for anyone.

If you have know the steps to reproduce the error I would really like to know because it if still does exist I would like to debug and patch it.

Any leads would be helpful in how you are reproducing it.

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I ended up just using a CDN to cache the page, it solved the issue for me in the end as well.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

This has nothing to do with CK. It is a problem with caching and js aggregation. There is some useful information in this issue, so please read through the whole thing.