We have a custom CKEditor 4.2 plugin code for creating fake inline image and fake br, but the problem is, both of them will select other elements instead when they are clicked/selected (see the attached screenshots). The screenshot shows the moment when the (fake) image has been selected, but the texts were selected instead. It seems that they are not loading properly. Or some issues with the event binding. We are using Drupal 7 and the CKEditor Drupal module with the CKEditor 4.2 library.

We have observed also that the problem arises when in the Source View the elements are of this format: <p><!--INLINE:95161;w=624;h=416-->Some Text Here</p>, but not when in this form: <p><!--INLINE:95161;w=624;h=416--></p>. In essence, it behaves normally, when there is/are no texts beside (on either side) the fake inline image tag.. Same behavior also have been observed for our custom fake br element. Attach herewith is the source code for our fake inline image plugin. We hope somebody could shed some light on this.


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I think http://ckeditor.com/forums is a better place for this kind of question.

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