BAŁTYKGAZ(Polish) is one of major company on LPG market in Poland. Offering profesional solutions for home and business.

Our (abventor company) major objective was SEO optymalization.


Website Was migrated from CMS and improved. (Layout which previously was created by other company hasn't changed much.)

Migration reasons?

Poor CMS functionalyty - just simple pages editor with very litel support for SEO needs. So, we calculated time consuming needed to implement our list of SEO improvements and... solution Was fast migration to Drupal 7.

What we changed?

Besides tens of SEO improvements we created "Baza wiedzy" (Knowledge base), that was linked to nodes by taxonomy to improve internal linking and reputations (content is ...)
We'd create webforms with webform conditional to improve conversion link


In a few weeks many top10s was reached :). Of course It was not because optimization, but it was possible because optimization.