bootstrap.less includes several .less files that are present in bootstrap 2.3.1, but not in 2.3.2, including, e.g. responsive-1200px-min.less.


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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

I cannot reproduce this. The responsive-1200px-min.less file is indeed present in the 2.3.2 tag.

#1840980: [meta] Bootstrap 3.0 does remove the responsive files, but that of course is a completely separate version/issue.

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Sorry about that--my bad. You might want to consider updating the instructions at to point folks to the right spot? Here's how it happened -- the documentation links to the Bootstrap version 2 homepage, but the download link on that page does not give you the less files. So I clicked on the link to the Github project from that homepage, and assumed I was getting the source code for version 2 of Bootstrap. Of course I can see now that it is, in fact, the version 3 code, but there's no way to know that without being sufficiently informed to know that there is a Bootstrap v 3 to begin with. Maybe just revise the Bootstrap link in the instructions to ?

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No problem :) Updated link. FWIW, you can update them too :)

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I tried to go an update since only one of the two links to the bootstrap source was updated (should be the same to the source: but I received a server 500 error when trying yesterday and today. Maybe I don't have privileges? The way it was worded, I thought it was open to the community to edit.