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Currently my webpage's homepage has a module that creates direct links to my latest blog posts:
As you can see on the bottom middle, the module has posted the same blog post twice.

AppZero Blog

The "invisible hand" accelerating cloud adoption
The "invisible hand" accelerating cloud adoption
Is Windows Server 2003 EOL a mini Y2K event for the enterprise?

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this error?

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Justin D


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based on a view of the source the nid is the same for both entries. Therefore it is safe to conclude that the blog post itself wasn't submitted twice. Looking at the source for the block in question indicates that it is an aggregator block. As such it may have been submitted to the aggregator feed twice (particularly if it was edited).

I'd try clearing cache. If that doesn't work, I'd look to clear the aggregator and refeed the nodes.

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Thanks for the response.
Where would I go to in order to clear the cache?

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I'd empty them manually in the database. there is a clear cache button in your Drupal admin panel though. whether this will empty all cache tables or not I can't say. If using D7 (you failed to tag the thread with the version of Drupal in use), the button is in administer -> performance.

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So I cleared the cache, and nothing changed. Can you walk me through the other possibility for fixing this?


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check your aggregator module settings.

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I see where aggregator is under module, but it only has a check or uncheck box next to it. I don't know how to edit it.

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Docs aid for core modules so does enabling the core help module and reading internal documentation.

d.o. docs =

I'd check the path for the feed. Note it. Remove the feed. Add feed. test.