I am trying to forecast how long it will be until the modules Drupal 8 will be ready for a technical-savvy development team to start using for a large multilingual multisite project.

(i.e. do we wait or migrate later)

I am thinking probably Fall 2014. I would appreciate hearing your estimates.

From my analysis (as of Aug 21 2013)

  • 18 Themes have a Drupal 8 version
  • 207 of all the modules have a drupal 8 version
  • Only 40 of the top 500 modules (by usage) have a Drupal 8 version
  • Only 7 of the top 500 modules have pledged #D8CX - this feels less than we were at with Drupal 7 at this time
  • Only 39 of all the modules have pledged #D8CX


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... interesting q. I remember predicting some years back how long it would take for D7 to be ready for "real" projects. I don't think I was far off. This time I am holding my breath, but won't to follow the sages of Drupal ...
Would it not be a good idea in the sense of openness to add some statistics to Drupal.org showing how modules are progressing towards the next release allowing all of us to take a more educated decision about adopting the next release ...
And showing progress statistics will encourage others to work a bit more ....

Let's see ....

Good luck .....
... more recent results of trying Drupal just once are -

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Be careful about using the d6 to d7 upgrade cycle to extrapolate the d7 to d8 time frame-- the api changes to d8 make the changes of d7 look like child's play. I have a feeling the this transition is going to make the previous one look lightning fast and fully expect many modules to just be outright abandoned, but time will tell.

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Thanks, ok it looks like we are going to go ahead with D7 rather than wait for D8.

I am recommending the following to my client to minimize the migration pains to D8. Any other ideas?

  • Minimize custom code
  • Minimize changes to database
  • Minimize number of modules used
  • Focus on high-usage modules (more than 5000 installs)

These are all best practices for Drupal development anyway

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yep-- that's what i'm doing and probably the best that can be done for now.

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