I have just bought a domain, but the content for the site isn't ready yet, neither are the designs etc.

I am just wondering if you would recommend my installing drupal and putting into straight into maintenance mode with some keywords and text or not doing anything and not installing drupal at all until the site is ready to being development.

I know its a bit of a random question, but im looking at this from an SEO point of view and would like to know peoples opinions. Thanks


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Is there a current site on the domain that you want to keep indexed? In other words, is there an existing page rank you want to maintain?

If no:
Add http authentication to your site. This is where you will be prompted for a username and password at the server level, before PHP is even triggered. You can do this in D6 with the Secure Site module, but last time I checked, that module doesn't work on D7, so you will need to google or contact your host for a solution.

If yes:
You need to develop the site on a different domain. You should also add HTTP authentication on the development domain, in the manner I described above.

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Create a landing page with details of what will be on the website when it's finished. (Drupal, Wordpress, static html, whichever's easiest).

There's a lot to be said for starting to promote domains in advance of launching a finished website. But how and why you'd do that would depend entirely on the type of website you're building and your goals for it.