I really want to believe that a DRUPAL package will do everything I need to achieve. Please put my mind at rest by giving me feedback on the following:

1) I want my home page to carry banner adverts that interactively change say every 5/10 seconds.
2) I want the package to be able to interact with an invoicing facility for those adverts and for static adverts.
3) I want to be able to edit/change those adverts at will as an overall administrator .
4) I want all pages to contain my Logo at a top of the page position.
5) I want to include an interactive MAP on the main home page and by placing flags or pins on that map to identify sub domains and by clicking on a flag/pin the user will be taken to a sub domain that is either an external link or a sub domain within the software/web site.
6) I want to set up individual usernames/passwords to protect each sub domain so that each individual sub domain can be accessed only by it's authorised moderator.
7) I want to maintain overall administrator access to all subdomains.
8) I want to be able to set up each sub domain with its own Home page header.
9) I want to access say 30 individual sub domain specific pages directly via the sub domain Home page.
10) I want to make the Main Home page and the sub domains accessable as apps for both Android and Apple phones and tablets.
11) I want to be able to add/edit/alter/administer and post in a Windows type format.

Which package is for me please?. Your soonest response please

Thanks, Graham


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You will not find a download profile with this functionality out of the box. You will need to either develop such a site yourself, or have someone else develop it for you.

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The answer is YES. Jaypan explained the rest.

You will be able to do all this with Drupal - either learning by doing or you get someone to set it up. Several modules, some CSS work and may be the odd custom module will do it.

Let us know when your project is ready. Btw. the project is ambitious, sounds interesting and will take some time and resources to develop ....

Good luck .....
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