Hey there,

In chrome, safari and FF I can choose a view Display after selecting a view:
screenshot ok

Unfortunately in Explorer (v.10.0.9200) I can't:
screenshot fail

Guess what browser my clients using...


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It looks like a Javascript issue.
I have no access to IE for now, could you try to debug this ?

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There seems to be a bug in IE (or jQuery)...

In tvi.js around line 30 the new options get generated:

Somehow the text of the option element doesn't transfer to the new options.

I changed it to this:

var o = new Option($(item).attr('value'), $(item).attr('value'));

I tried to get the text of the element with
but that doesn't work so now I have the attribute value as the text as well.

Not ideal, but better then an empty field...
If anybody knows why $(item).text() doesn't work I'd love to be enlightened...

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