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3gforfree allows users to create their own ringtones and screensavers from content they already own.

I switched from postnuke to drupal for this new version for numerous reasons that you guys are already familiar with.

The theming was done by the great guys over at antinomia solutions:

I handled all the functionality and programming of additional modules.

Any comments good or bad are welcome.



kranklin’s picture

Nice Looking website

One suggestion. When I clicked on a ringtone, IE7 popped up asking me to alow Windows Media Player to run (within the browser). You oughta replace your embed with a Flash to play the Mp3, that way you can style it the way you want too.

curtgadget’s picture

Thanks... Yea thats an issue im working on now. Actually any ringtone that you upload now uses a flash player, but the older mp3 files are encoded with the wrong bitrate, so running them through flash gives that "chipmunk" effect when played back. Until they can be converted over im using windows media.

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hey man how'd you get this site setup?
what modules did you use?

mike.hobo’s picture

Oh man,, i used to get many many ringtones off this site for my cell phone.

joehenriod’s picture

The art is fantastic and the site looks really good but the scrennsavers page ruins the whole site and takes away the professionalism.

Is there something else you can do besides text links ?

myspaceluver_jg’s picture

It wont let me connet to it
it has the drupal installation page pop up.