Notice: Undefined index: membership_type in og_entity_property_info() (line 236 of /home/p21r7220/public_html/sites/all/modules/og/og.module).

This is sporadic in that it only occurs every now and then... I have a base OG install and have found that this error is logged in the Drupal Commons issues log, but I feel it is directly related to OG and as such should be here.


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I had this same issue, caused by an incorrect configuration of a field acting as OG reference.
I don't remember what my "sort by" configuration was under entity configuration, but since I switched it to "Dont sort" these errors are gone.

Hope this helps!

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I'm getting the same issue as tv_payne. same error, same line.
all my og_reference fields are set to Don't Sort.

Anyone else have a fix?

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I have it now on a new install when adding a book which was just set to group content.
Groups Audience for Book is empty even though I am admin for all.