I've installed https://drupal.org/project/accordions module, the module creates accordion blocks and works fine with Bartik theme. However I can't manage to work it with Adaptivetheme. I've tried the suggestions for views accordion but that did not work for this module. I am not sure if this is directly related to Adaptivetheme but I thought it maybe related for it works fine with Bartik theme.



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Category: bug » support

Sorry but "did not work" is not a bug report (does not tell me anything other than its not working for you), also I have this module installed on my test site already and it does work for me.

You need to explain in exact detail what you mean by "did not work", even post screenshots etc.

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Sorry for naming this as a bug. I took screenshots Bartik and Adaptivetheme. I hope this may give some idea... I also will give a try on another site with adaptivetheme.

Thank you

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

The module is probably relying in certain classes to be present in the markup, check if you have turned OFF block classes in theme settings for your AT, like I say I compare these two themes also, so works for me, only difference is that I am running the latest development version of Adaptivetheme, however I very much doubt this makes any difference since there are really no changes to markup or classes since 7.x-3.1.

Sorry but I have to close this as "cannot reproduce" because with the currently available information I cannot reproduce this problem.