Request for Quotation Website developer Drupal

Please reply with price and delivery time for the following additions to the IMS Forum website at

1. Web developer proficient in Drupal and PHP, able to install, configure and if necessary enhance existing Drupal modules to provide the functionality described in the rest of this RFQ
2. A list of references
3. A list of at least 3 sites developed by the bidder
4. Total price of the project including development, test and training as specified in this RFQ

How to reply

Please send the following information to Manuel Vexler (mvexler at imsforum dot org)

1. Name
2. contact information: email address, phone, IM (if available)
3. price
4. delivery time
5. List of references and examples (see requirements)

Phone interviews
Phone interviews will be set only with the selected applicants

1. Press releases: (

There should be one index page that lists all the press releases. The index should display for each press release the date and the press release title, just as they were listed them in the newsletter (, as follows:

Recent IMS Forum press clips:

NE Technologies Proves Vendor Interoperability at IMS Plugfest III Event

After clicking on this link – an html page containing the pres release is displayed

An example of the format is provided at

2. Press Clips – If there is a link within a press release that re-directs to another website, they need to open a light box instead of re-directing the user to another website. (Don’t want to lose users as a result of navigation away from our site)

3. IMS Forum Calendar Page

There are formatting problems on the calendar. Font is too big. Look at November calendar for an example of the calendar formatting issues. (

4. Documents repository and management

Education and community sections of the website

Security (access password)
• Public (registration to the site required)
• Plugfest (only members of the plugfest group)
• Members (all members of the IMS forum)

Each person may have access to multiple areas but automatic that if you are a member of one group you are not necessarily a member of another group.

Indexing and search engine
• Once signed in, people can search and view the documents
• An index is provided on the side of the documents
Suggestion: Add Google’s search so people can search the documents

For document searches, all documents will be returned in the list but users will only be able to display the documents that they have access to display.

Registered users may add documents but they will not have the ability to delete documents. (Admin rights are required to delete documents)

Need to be able to upload larger documents up to 100 Meg

5. Install the Wiki – implement and provide training

Community  Wiki (

6. Check the Community for posting issues

Example issue: One user is a member of both Plugfest and Member groups – but this user cannot post messages. Will need to correct issues and validate that Community is functioning properly.

7. Integrate mailing list functionality into Drupal - Currently have to maintain two databases – mailman mailing lists and IMS Forum (Drupal) registered user groups
• Would like to be able to maintain registered users in one location (Drupal/IMS Forum Site)
• Would like the ability to export all fields from the mailing list/registered users to an excel file
• Need to have the ability of the administrators to email directly to any given group of users from the Drupal database

8. Delete the non-functioning one line feed on the lower right of homepage that contains the text: “>> Certification program coming early next year”. The feed was supposed to cycle through multiple items but is not functioning. Remove the box and text from site – reformat the home page as necessary after removing the control.
9. Provide a teleconference training/chat for a 2-4 hours concerning Drupal functionality implemented on the IMS Forum website

10. The link that is emailed to us after someone submits a form doesn’t show all the data that was collected – for instance the email address is not shown.

Event  Plugfest  Registration (

Membership Membership Application (

• Must have a copy of the data entered by the user in the form sent in the email instead of just a note to check the data in Drupal database.

11. Credit card charges under Membership Application Form – we need to know the data fields and what form of payment method was selected e.g., check or credit card, wire transfer, etc. (Do not place any bank or credit card information in emails)

Note: Work is not considered complete until after tested and verified by IMS Forum.