I have install core Drupal on DAMP. I think that DAMP use multi-site installation. After finishing Drupal site I transferred to remote hosting server. In my remote hosting server I want to use single Drupal site installation. So, can anyone suggest me - how this is possible? How can I transfer multi-site installation to single installation site?

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is the site in question (that you want to move) in its own database?

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Can you please clarify your question? I have not understand.

Sandip Choudhury

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are the two sites in separate databases or sharing the same one?

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Two sites database are different in DAMP (Drupal, Apache, Mysql, Php) i.e. Acquia Dev Desktop - http://www.acquia.com/downloads.

Every time when I create new site on DAMP, I import core Drupal and create a new database.

The folder structure in DAMP is - Site > all, default, example.com. Settings.php file are in example.com folder. And the database name, username, password are in the last of settings.php file.

But when I install core Drupal on WAMP or XAMPP. The folder structure is - Site > all, default. Settings.php file are in default folder. And the database name, username, password are in the middle of settings.php file.

The problem is when I want to move the DAMP Drupal site, it creates problem, because my shared hosting remote server I think it supports single installation. And above all I want single installation for my every different client.

I have tried to upload by making the DAMP folder structure, turned to like WAMP or XAMPP folder structure. And also I have move the database name, username, password to middle of the settings.php from the last. But it does not work.

Also I have installed Drupal by Softaculous - my and most hosting company give this facilities - "One Click Installation" of Drupal. And I have noticed the file structure and settings.php file configuration. It is more or less same as WAMP or XAMPP structure. But some extra configuration it wants like database table prefix.

After making the whole website in localhost on DAMP, I have turn the folder / file structure like softaculous. But still it does not work properly.

I have read here for DAMP - https://drupal.org/node/1248034 but it is not written how to turn DAMP multi-site installation to single site installation for shared hosting server. This should be included here.

I think DAMP - Acquia Dev Desktop is faster than WAMP or XAMPP, so I want to use it.

So, can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for help.

Sandip Choudhury

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export the database
import it on new site
copy all files and folders (except sites folder) to new site
create a new sites folder
create a new default folder
locate the settings.php file running the old site
copy it to the new sites/default folder
edit settings.php to point to new database

if you uploaded content to a files folder copy the old sites files folder to sites/default/

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Thanks your reply. I shall try this.

Sandip Choudhury