Sometimes image broken (and it is not showing) in my website made on Drupal. But sometimes it is showing. I have made the site in local XAMPP server and after completing I moved to Remote Server. In remote server some images is broken. But in local server it is showing.

I have searched in internet and found:
1. Change the base url in settings.php file. I have done it, but my problem is not solved.
2. I have checked the file system and it is - sites/default/files. And the URL of every image is pointing to this url. But still it is broken.
3. I have checked both by giving absolutely URL and relative URL, but both have not solved my problem.
4. File Permission in hosting server is 777 of all files under sites folder.
5. I have checked the image url and change from localhost to actual url in some images. But it does not help.

But when I am opening the image file path in browser, image is opening correctly.

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem?


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This could be a serving protocol issue.

Actually I am facing the same problem. The images are sometimes showing and some times not. I found out that although my site is visible under http the images are served under https only meaning if the person is not logged in they can not see the images.

I havent solved my issue yet since it is in a bit more complicated environment but I hope this hint can help you.

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I have learn something about protocol from

So, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and SMPT are Protocols. So, can you assume for which protocol problem the images are not showing?

My problem is both - when I logged out I can not see the images. And also when I logged in I can not see the images in View mode of any Content, but I can see images when I click Edit the content.

Anyone can solve this?

Sandip Choudhury