I have following issue. I have user roles like author, worker for simple Blog posts. Then i have in the Drupal project a Drupal Commerce System with customer role. Sure i can enable in the Drupal User permissions the profiles for hosts but then are activated all.

I have installed Panels, Views and profile2 Module. I created a profile2 set with view fields like Homepage, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and XING. The problem is not to include these fields via Panels.

I need to show the user profile page only of specific roles. The customer roles should be disabled for hosts.

Maybe i create a second profile page with Panels under domain.tld/profile/m/%user with Panels but how?


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You need to login as admin first. then go admin/structure/panels and click on enable "User profile template".

Then edit the /user/%user (user_view). Add variant (title as user profile). Slelect single layout. After creating the variant. In selection rule, select user:role criteria.