Hi guys,

yesterday I tried to work with views and i got the following problem.
When I try to add a filter (it doesn't matter what action, problem is general) the first thing i can see that is wrong is that filter form is in the top left corner, separate from x button.


then after selecting criteria for filtering and pressing [add an configure filter criteria] i get the following:

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/19/sfiz.jpg/ (a page full of "random" words, letters, numbers, dashes, slashes..)

The interesting thig is that when I come back to views module changes seem to have been applied.

I suppose the problem is related with ajax (as my meager knowledge tells me).
when i tried to do something with panels module - the page didnt have to reload, just some changes had to occur, screen got shadowed and nothing happened. :)

I'd really appreaciate some wise advice since I'd be very dissapointed do start project from the very beginning again.


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an idea just came to my mind that maybe it can be related with jQuery upgrade to something.8
However when i went admin/configure/jQuery update only [save configuration] button appeared, so i'm kind on not able to degrade to previous version...
any ideas?

Answer is here:


well, i just needed to post a question here to start thinking.