I have the attached view which has the settings:

  • Two relationships: 1) Flags node (Include only flagged content, unchecked; By Any user). 2) Flags user which uses the Flags node relationship.
  • Argument: User uid; Relationship: Flag user; Provide default from url: User id from logged in user; Validation criteria: me (me module); Only allow numeric uid.
  • Filter: Flags flagged; Exposed; Required; Status defaults to True; Relationship: Flags node;

The view works perfectly for flagged content. However the unflagged content does not show whenever the filter is changed to false. If I make the filter statically set to false it also will not show anything. Any ideas?

flag-argument-view.txt7.67 KBnicholas.alipaz
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I guess I see the problem after turning on the preview of the SQL:

SELECT node.nid AS nid, node.title AS node_title
{node} node
LEFT JOIN {flagging} flagging_node ON node.nid = flagging_node.entity_id AND flagging_node.fid = '2'
LEFT JOIN {users} users_flagging ON flagging_node.uid = users_flagging.uid
WHERE (( (flagging_node.uid = '35' ) )AND(( (node.status = '1') AND (flagging_node.uid IS NULL ) )))
ORDER BY node_title ASC

No way it is going flagging_node.uid IS NULL will work when flagging_node.uid = '35' is there. I will probably have to resort to two views displays and a ctools jump menu between the two I think.

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> Flags node (Include only flagged content, unchecked; By Any user

With this relationship, assuming it's set to 'required', you'll only ever get flagged content.

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Actually, retracting my last statement, it seems there may be no way to do what I am seeking. I need to show a list of nodes that are flaggable by my flag but this particular user (in the url argument) did not tag. Any ideas on that?

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I have opted to add a new display with a path of user/me/collection/missing and then I have:

  • One relationship: Flags node (Include only flagged content, unchecked; By Current user).
  • Argument: none
  • Filter: Flags Flagged; Status False; Relationship: Flags node;
  • And some more filters to filter out content I don't want.

It works but not quite what I had in mind. I will make due.

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Like this perhaps:

node -> flag relationship (not required)

Then add a filter ON the relationship for the Flagging UID, set to the user you want.
Then add another filter on the flagging that filters OUT anything that's not NULL.

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Perhaps I am misunderstanding but wouldn't a filter ON the relationship for the Flagging UID not be an adequate solution if I need to pass in the UID as an argument?

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That would get you all the nodes whether they are flagged by your user or not, and the flagging status is they are.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I still don't follow your suggestion really, sorry. I think that would require a hardcoded UID in the filter section. UID has to be passed in as an argument. I did get a solution however, so no worries. Thanks for trying to help.

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See https://drupal.org/node/299335, which is actually linked to from the UI.

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joachim, yes I did use that guide but if you follow that and consequently attempt to add a UID as an contextual argument while allowing flagto the view it no longer works because the query then becomes something like, where uid is null AND where uid = X, which obviously will not workout.

Please note that I do not remember the exact query, I have since remade the view and have a working solution, but was not able to utilize the exposed flagged filter. I am however quite happy with the solution I came up with.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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