There is no possibility to inherit the first term settings by other terms on the same level.


I would like to create these paths:[my vocabulary name] (override this path with view1)[my vocabulary name]/view2[my vocabulary name]/view2/view3[my vocabulary name]/view2/view3/view4

Vocabulary : categories (view1)


T 1 (view 2, inheritable) 
    T 1.1 (view 3, not inheritable)
        T 1.1.1 (no settings)
    T 1.2 (view 4, inheritable)
        T 1.2.1 (no settings)
    T 1.3 (no settings)
T 2 (no settings) 


T 1 (view 2 from itself)
    T 1.1 (view 3 from itself)
        T 1.1.1 (view 2 from T 1)
    T 1.2 (view 4 from itself)
        T 1.2.1 (view 4 from T 1.2)
    T 1.3 (view 2 from T1)
T 2 (view 1 from vocabulary)  // it's impossible to set the view2 automatically 

so, if someone have a view set for each vocabulary path, starting from[my vocabulary name] then he'll be forced to set the path for each new term.


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According to #1, this seems like a configuration issue and not a bug?

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Yes, It's just an issue. Not a bug. I have solved this problem without using the TVI module. Here is the solution. Not sure if it's the only or appropriate way, but works!

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Marking as fixed per comments and solutions.

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