This problem has me perplexed... Until recently I had lightbox2 working perfectly (see attached) showing purely content using the following method:

1. Appending the word 'lightbox2" to the end of a link address e.g. http://localhost/node/xx/lightbox2
2. Using a modified version of the page--node--lightbox2.tpl.php to remove headers, sidebars etc

After changing URL's a couple of times and 100's of broken links, I decided to use a more intuitive method of creating internal links and tested both drupals internal links module and CK editors links plugin. Both work perfectly automatically picking up the root path.

But.........neither will allow me to use the page--node--lightbox2.tpl.php to display the content.

Each time I append the word 'lightbox2' to the end of the link address using either module the result is no link at all.

Using 'lightmodal' alone in the advanced tab of the link dialogue box I can get a display of the whole linked node displaying in a lightbox but this is messy and too much info to display.

As luck would have it HTML Purifier strips the pop up window in the CKeditor so I am unable to use this either.

Can someone please advise on how to combine lightbox2, CK editor and either drupal's internal link module or CK editors link plugin to output content using the page--node--lightbox2.tpl.php.

Have scoured the web for hours and tried many combination of things all to no avail. Will definitely very grateful for some help on this.

Lightbox2 screenshot.pdf173.18 KBkerrycurtain
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