Looking at the following code from OG, it's clear that it is up to implementations of hook_og_ui_get_group_admin() to determine access to the menu items they are returning:

 * Implements hook_og_ui_get_group_admin()
function og_ui_og_ui_get_group_admin($group_type, $gid) {
  $items = array();
  $default_access = og_is_group_default_access($group_type, $gid);

  if (og_user_access($group_type, $gid, 'add user')) {
    $items['add_people'] = array(
      'title' => t('Add people'),
      'description' => t('Add group members.'),
      // The final URL will be "group/$group_type/$gid/admin/people/add-user".
      // @see og_ui_group_admin_overview().
      'href' => 'admin/people/add-user',

This is not made clear in the documentation -- leading to implementation errors such as #2065317: user can see group admin item, but can't access the page.


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Yeah, this just bit me pretty hard - any chance the documentation can be changed for this?

Heck, I had the new link I added with the hook showing up on non-og nodes throughout the site, even for anonymous users!