The Gazeta.Kg, one of the leading online news digests of the former soviet republic Kyrgyzstan, has switched its web site to Drupal. The site features a specially designed theme and lot's of Drupal modules. Interface of the web-site is in Russian, the news and articles on the web-site are in Russian and Kyrgyz, and sometime in English languages. Nevertheless, it is structured in Russian we thought that our work might be of interest to Drupalers from different countries and decided to announce about it here.


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I missed to give URL of the homepage of the project in my previous post. It is

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I added it to the list of news media sites using Drupal under "online newspapers." If there's also a print edition let me know and I'll move it to the appropriate heading.

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Thank you, Steve! For the moment, The Gazeta.Kg does not have paper version, but according to the owners' plans it may have in the future.

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good use of nice menu!