Use feeds or migrate to setup periodic harvesting of datasets from CKAN and Socrata sources


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I have harvested data into a CKAN instance(from CSW server)- which went well. I am now trying to harvest data from DKAN to CKAN, my URL source for metatdata is http://localhost/dkan2/api/action/datastore/search/.

My harvest does not complete and the error in apache log files is:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare recline_export_alter() (previously declared in /var/www/dkan/profiles/dkan/modules/dkan/dkan_sitewide/modules/dkan_default_content/plugins/ in /var/www/dkan/profiles/dkan/modules/dkan/dkan_import/plugins/ on line 34

How can i go past this?

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We are working on supporting the 'api/action/datastore/search/' endpoint. It currently isn't supported. We should have this supported within the month. Please see this issue queue for updates.

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Actually, the endpoints your asking about are a different issue. See #2125095: Support package_search API. This issue is for harvesting CKAN and Socrata datasets into DKAN.

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Sorry, I'm having trouble with the new issue queues. The issue you are describing is harvesting from DKAN into CKAN. Follow progress here #2125147: Harvesting from DKAN into CKAN . Please post updates there.

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This should be implemented using a migration class which allows the user to put in a CKAN endpoint.

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