I just created a blank subtheme from omega_html5 (omega kickstart) in my commerce kickstart site, I would like to have scss working but the theme doesn't come with those files, What's the best way to do it? is there any way to have drupal rebuilding the scss to css? (not ssh in this site)


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As an Omega sub-theme Omega Kickstart does come with scss files. They can be found in 'profiles/commerce_kickstart/themes/omega_kickstart/scss'. Check here on ways how to create a subtheme for Omega 3: https://drupal.org/node/819170. You need to run 'sass --watch scss:css' on your subthemes directory (which you should have put in 'sites/all/themes'). Drupal does a lot, but not compile scss.

edit: ps, the simplest way is to copy the omega_kickstart directory to 'sites/all/themes' and use option 3 "Creating a Subtheme - Manual Version (If All Else Fails)" to manually create an omega_kickstart subtheme.

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Thanks, Argus.

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