Greetings Drupal Consultants!

I'm currently looking for someone who would like to help my company launch a drupal multi-site environment. It's actually two multi site environments.
My company EMG (Epiphany Management Group) handles networking and marketing business for k-12 charter schools. Two "districts" if you will, are in need of going live asap. I had planned on doing this myself, but got pulled into other things.

The final result of this project will be a LTS Ubuntu cloud server and working Apache configuration pointing to/containing two drupal multisite installations each holding a number of identical (provided) feature sets and module configurations.

The Project:
Replicating a drupal site template and feature set for each of our client's schools.
Schools are broken into two multi-site installations, for example 10 schools in multi-site A and 17 schools in multi-site B.

What you won't need to do:
Content will be provided by school admins, only the page structure will need created.
I've already created a feature set, views, and sitemap for the schools.

What is required:
Collective template needs replicated verbatim (views, module configuration, roles etc).
Individual customization will be needed for:
supplied school names, logos, and school administrator usernames and passwords.
Multisite Drupal configuration and Apache Virtual Host directories
Outbound SMTP settings for each school's Google apps for education setup. (SMTP modules in feature set)

ADDITIONAL JOB: I will be posting a job to convert three PSD templates into responsive drupal themes in the coming week. If you or your company has this experience as well, please include it in your reply.

Drupal 7 Template site and individual configuration information will be available in 1-2 weeks.
Please submit timeline, and competitive bid with links to references here or directly to jmeyer at epiphanymgmt dot com

We are based in Akron, Ohio and are currently looking for front end developers for a number of projects. We have options for full time hire if you are in the area.