Content Construction Kit (CCK) 6.x-2.9
ImageField 6.x-3.11

I use this for only ONE content type Toilet and would like to ad a text saying something like "You can click the image to see it in larger size". I use imagecache but if you click the images you can see it much bigger. Don't know how to do this?

Here is how it look in Android app and if you click the link at the bottom or you can see what I mean.


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Component: User interface » Code
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Category: feature » support

Hi @tinem, this request isn't really something that ImageField would handle itself. You'd have the same challenge with any field that has multiple values. On any site that has a significant amount of customization, it's usually necessary to override the node.tpl.php file for your node types to get the HTML layout and content you need. I would suggest you look into theming your node content types to solve this problem.

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@quicksketch Thanks for your reply. Have tried to try what you suggest but can't figure it out but "think" I found a solution though.

I have made PrintScreen of what I did: Edited group and made a description and to me it looks OK Is it OK to do it like this, please?

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Sure, that solution sounds fine, though probably not as efficient as theming the node template or the field template. If it gets the job done you can't knock it. :)