WYSIWYG modules depends on adding certain html tags to the filtered html list to get certain fuctions running, after being pissed off by this, i took a deep breath about and thought about, now i find the idea spectacular, it gives more control about the content of the input by users.
I began working on identifying tags that i needed. but this idea came to my mind, of making this post, it will be useful for future noobs, it is a good way for someone to check if he missed something, or allowed something hazardous, let's say.
so what i am asking of you drupalers, each one of you who will enter this topic, don't turn away, just:
type one html tag(or more if you are a philanthropist), its function, dependency on modules(if there is any), and possible harm from abuse(i mean grave danger),
or fill us with your expertise about hacking your way around to get some of these functions running
ps: it may be a good idea if this post gets the desired attention, maybe it can be transformed later into an inpendant topic in the guidebook.