Please inform us when stable version will be release?

Is there any obstacle of critical or major issue for stable release?
If yes, please inform me. I will help you to move forward for stable release and farther development.



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Title: Stable release? » I am interested take over project for farther development.

I like 'Andromeda' theme. It will be better if theme will be live for Drupal communally.
I want to release stable version of 7.x branch and port theme for next versions of Drupal 8. If you are too busy or not interested to maintain theme(65 open issues) then I am interested take over project for farther development. I will be take care of the project.

Shivcharan Patil (Shiv)

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Waiting for response since more than last 26 days.
I am going to contact project owner through his contact form.

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Email send through contact form of arshadcn.

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Thanks for your interest in helping to maintain this theme.

Can you help in the issue queue and submit patches?

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Yes, Please add me as a co-maintainer of theme with all permissions so I can move forward for stable release of 7.x branch with fixing all issues. I am also interested to release Drupal 8 version of the theme.