I am importing data from an XML file into nodes with a 'Reference to term' field.

I use Feeds Tamper to transform the string of keywords into multiple keywords.

The term is only added to the field if it already exists in the vocabulary. Normally it should create automatically a new term, no? Bug? Or am I doing something wrong.

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Project: Feeds » Feeds Tamper
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This seems like a bug with the way Feeds Tamper handles multiple keywords. With an "out of the box" feed importer, terms ARE created if they don't exist regardless of the taxonomy field setting. Even if the field is set to select list, a term that doesn't exist is created.

Can yo do a simple test to confirm this? Using a copy of the source, remove all but one of the terms in the element you've mapped to the taxonomy field so that Feeds Tamper isn't necessary. Configure the source so that at least one of the terms would be new. Clone the importer and remove Feeds Tamper. Run that?

Is the new term created?

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I ma having a similar issue... Simple Expode plugin was working fine for my taxonomy terms (select list), and know it doesn't work at all. Even if the terms exist, the node doesn't get the term ...

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Can you check the "Target configuration" settings on the mapping form? Feeds Tamper doesn't have anything to do with auto creating taxonomy terms. That's a separate setting.

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Sorry for bringing this old one up!

When I check "Auto Update", the setting is not saved and no terms are added ;-(

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Be sure to hit the "Save" button on the bottom of the page after changing target configuration. See also the attached image.

Ideally, Feeds should display a message about unsaved changes when target configuration is updated.

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thanks for the advice MegaChriz, works fine now!



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