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This is a very quick guide to setup Drupal Commerce order confirmation emails using Commerce_Message as there seems to be a lack of knowledge regarding this modules capabilities.

The various admin paths you should be looking at:

Edit the commerce_message order confirmation email [Commerce_message already installed]:


You can clone this message and edit the clone as required or just edit it directly

Commerce_message provide its own versions of the Drupal Commerce tokens. e.g. [message:message-commerce-order:commerce-customer-billing:commerce_customer_address]. Look at the bottom of the confirmation order message edit page for the very long list of commerce_message tokens.

Edit the commerce_message order confirmation email rule
[rules already installed]:


search for the rule rules_commerce_order_message_order_notification

You can clone this rule and edit the clone as required or just edit it directly.

Options include selecting which commerce_message order confirmation email version you want sent. Which recipient email address including the admin address you want the order confirmation sent to.

Edit the HTML mail setup
[HTMLmail module already installed]:


If you want to send HTML emails and do some processing on the email.

Edit the mail setup
[mailsystem module already installed]:


maybe you dont need to but you should look here to set HTMLmail as a default if needed.

Additional knowledge required:

  • Token replacement to configure commerce_message emails.
  • Configuring of a custom text filter for the order confirmation emails.
  • How to setup the Drupal mail system.
  • The setup of a HTMLmail template file for targeting commerce_message emails.
  • How to configure rules.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.