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Your new subtheme is created but now you've got to make it your own! Let's begin by looking at top of the stack - CSS

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How does one change the font color? For example, if I wanted to change the color of the Main Menu links to #333, what bit of code would I use to go about targeting that and implementing the change?

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@MadebyViant The question you are asking is related to elementary css and you would probably find the information you are looking for from a site like

When I started with Drupal I knew virtually nothing about css code and found that the Omega theme was a really good way to learn about modern web design That said, you might find that Omega 3 would be an easier theme to learn the basics with. Thousands of Drupal sites are using Omega 3 and you'll find that it is really well documented. It's popular because it's responsive - that is to say suitable for mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

To get started with Omega 3 check out the documentation or watch a video.

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