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Creating an Omega4 Subtheme is best handled using Drush (the command line tool for Drupal).

If you are unfamiliar with Drush or the concept of a Command Line Interface it can be a little intimidating to first install, learn and use Drush, but don't worry because with a little practice and determination you'll be "spinning up" Omega4 Subthemes in no time.

Currently, this guide does not include step-by-step process for installing Drush, but there are several resources which can assist in the process if this is your first time being introduced to using a Command Line Interface.

"Spinning Up" An Omega4 Subtheme

Omega4 themes when created include a set of semi-advanced modern browser development toolsets: Bower, Grunt, and Sass. During the installation (assuming you use the Omega Subtheme Wizard) you will get a small glimpse of their availability, but it's entirely up to you, as to how much they are used.

That being said, why buy a Tesla if you don't want to use the insane mode everyone once'awhile?

To further highlight the significance - it's highly recommend to have Ruby Version Manager installed and properly setup at this point, because it's essential for harnessing the raw power of Omega4.

Click here if you haven't already installed Ruby Version Manager and/or are still researching and deciding if Omega4 is the right theme for your project. Omega4 is unique in the Drupal community, because it contains a diverse assortment of development tools.

  1. Open Command Line Interface Application
  2. Enter "drush" to get a list of available commands
  3. Locate the commands related to Omega4

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All commands in omega: (omega)
omega-export (oexp) Exports the theme settings of a given theme from the database to the .info file.
omega-guard (ogrd) Runs guard for the given theme including Compass and LiveReload by default.
omega-revert (orev) Reverts the theme settings of a given theme by deleting them from the database.
omega-subtheme (osub) Creates a Omega subtheme.
omega-wizard (owiz) Guides you through a wizard for generating a subtheme.

The 2 most important commands are omega-subtheme and omega-wizard.

For people just becoming familiar with the Subtheme creation process it's recommend to start with omega-wizard Drush command, because it will provide an opportunity to select important options, like libraries, readme, and location, but most importantly it helps you take a tiny glimpse under the hood to really see what's happening with Omega.

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Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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In case you have trouble when upgrading from Omega 3 to 4 and wind up with this lovely message...

Where is the Omega base theme? I has not found it. :(

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