I've been trying to find out how I can retrieve the original value of the field to be replaced via an import.

I need the existing value because the CSV source value will have to be added to the existing value instead of replacing it.

Any suggestion as to how to do this with Feeds?

Thank you


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Are you saying you need to concatenate strings or add values from the CSV to what's already in the field? Adding would be something like a field that is an enrollment number for an event and the feed source is only providing new enrollments. So if the value for the field is 14 and the source has 2, you want Feeds to update the total to 16?

AFAIK, that type of functionality isn't possible out of the box.

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Yes, I would like to perform a calculation based on the existing and new value.

In the end, I created a custom processor that queried the DB for the existing value in the map() function.

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