• Advisory ID: DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2013-066
  • Project: Monster Menus (third-party module)
  • Version: 6.x, 7.x
  • Date: 2013-August-07
  • Security risk: Moderately critical
  • Exploitable from: Remote
  • Vulnerability: Access bypass


Monster Menus enables you to create granular page permissions, and apply them to a hierarchical page structure. The mm_webform submodule enables you to assign permissions derived from Monster Menus to webform forms.

The module doesn't sufficiently filter titles entered into page settings and echoes the supplied title back to the next user editing the settings, thereby allowing a Cross Site Scripting attack (XSS). This issue only affects the 7.x branch.
This vulnerability is mitigated by the fact that an attacker must have the ability to add pages to the Monster Menus tree, and must also entice another user to edit the settings of a maliciously-crafted page.

The mm_webform submodule doesn't correctly prohibit users with only "Who can read data submitted to this webform" permission from deleting webform submissions leading to an Access Bypass.
This vulnerability is mitigated by the fact that an attacker must have an active login which is permitted to read a webform's submissions.

CVE identifier(s) issued

  • CVE-2013-4229 (XSS)
  • CVE-2013-4230 (Access bypass)

Versions affected

  • Monster Menus 6.x-6.x versions prior to 6.x-6.61.
  • Monster Menus 7.x-1.x versions prior to 7.x-1.13.

Drupal core is not affected. If you do not use the contributed Monster Menus module, there is nothing you need to do.


Install the latest version:

Also see the Monster Menus project page.

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