I have two importers that are fed by two different content types. Those content types are
Twitter Partners

I have the "Twitter Partners" feed nodes setup with a "Twitter Feeds" importer that uses Feeds Oauth and is working great.
My "Partners" feed nodes are setup with xml and run fine if I click import on the nodes themselves, but when cron runs for some reason they attempt to run under the "Twitter Feeds" importer and they fail with the following error in the feeds log.

Couldn't resolve host 'http' error Twitter Feeds Pacific Power Alerts

Why is the wrong importer being called during the cron run?
Has anyone else run into this, or know where I should be looking to solve the issue?

Thanks for any help / insight.


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I was able to resolve this by deleting and re-creating the feeds that were running under the wrong importer.
Somehow they got associated with the other one and editing the importer wasn't fixing it.
If you're having this problem try that.