When i add smth. into the body of content type (has no matter whether it an inserted image or simply mount of text), it gives harmful growing of database.
Even if i use authcache, filecache and boost or just combination of 2 of them or some cache module separately, it has no effect
my problem is how to give to know for field body to serve its' content not inside of DB, but maybe as caching element or as a files like other entities provide it


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thanks, everybody, for your respondences and support

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really? I venture to say you'd probably stand a better chance of getting a response if you didn't post to a deprecated forum... but that's just a guess.

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what's a right choice? (=)
maybe it'd be better you give me an answer straight here?

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you post an obnoxious SUBJECT!!!! like that, to a deprecated forum no less, then bump your own post less than 24 hours later with a sarcastic and obnoxious reply, and then actually ask for a 'straight answer'?

you realize everyone here is a volunteer right?

See http://drupal.org/forum-posting and http://drupal.org/dcoc if you'd like to increase your chances of getting a useful reply.

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You did not know it, but this particular forum is one of several "Deprecated" forums,
which means that it is intended for historical reference only,
and is not visited regularly by most people.

The full list of all forums:

Please re-post your issue in an active forum;
as for example, the forum
"Post installation"

Good luck

See also: "Tips for posting to the Drupal forums"

All the best; intended.
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